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The Rhino Julie Show

Dec 7, 2021

I’ll tell you something I quit that has catapulted me into action and daily fun.

And no it’s not sugar. There is nothing wrong with sugar, just like there’s nothing wrong with driving… as long as you stay in your lane and follow some rules meant to keep you healthy and alive.

But I digress.

When I quit this thing, I was able to take more action, get more results in business and on the scale, enjoy my relationship, and foster amazing friendships.

This one thing, if you keep doing it, can consistently make you miserable, sad and anxious.


Having expectations.

Of people, of the scale, of our bodies. 

Before you call me crazy and tell me ‘but if I don’t have any expectations, then I’m settling…’ hear me out.

With expectations, you have two outcomes: either you’re happy or you’re sad. 

And when those expectations are placed on other people, on the scale, and on our bodies, we are likely to live our lives constantly being let down.

Instead of expecting anything, ever, stay curious, stay thankful and keep taking action. 

I have 3 doozy examples for you. 

And I fully expect you to disagree with at least 2 of them, but I’m a pretty happy camper and this is how I now live my life. 

And before I was an unhappy camper lol. 

Listen to the episode to hear the examples, let me know if you agree or disagree!

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